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Subject : An essay on the unifying theory of natural forces(1)
               Atomic nuclei binding energy(2)


1.  The thesis presented in the documents outlined in the subjects is attempting to unify the natural forces through an initial process repeated in an iterative way so as to end up with a material representation of the nucleon (neutron then proton) and of the atom nuclei as they are perceived in space-time.

2.  The initial process I called "massification/demassification" is an iterative one allowing us to discover the link between the nucleon and the various atom nuclei as well as three of the natural forces, i.e. the electro-magnetic and the two nuclear energies. As regards the gravitation, it is linked to the behaviour of the mass and is a consequence of the massification/demassification system of each given mass towards all other masses.

     The four interactions are determined thanks to a subquantic system allowing for each mass to be materialised and then dematerialised (annihilated), and hence to be featured by discontinuity between mass-energy-mass, etc. The massification is the characteristic of the mass, whereas the demassification is the charasteristic of the energy which is a conjunction of mass and antimass, giving in that way a mass-energy content to the discontinued matter.

3.  As main result, the reader will observe that the nucleon is composed of information mass-quanta structured in a certain way so as to constitute this nucleon in its mass component as well as in its magnetic moment one. I obtained a mass of 939,551 Mev and 938,261 Mev respectively for the neutron and the proton. The values of the magnetic moment I calculated are – 1,913 and + 2,793 for the neutron and the proton.

     The percentages of dark energy and dark mass can also be deducted from the constitution of the nucleon as the reader will see. The results are 4,86 % for mass, 26,9 % for dark mass and 68,24 % for dark energy.

The huge pace of the process of massification/demassification is also explained.

     Such a precision in the process to create the neutron and the proton as well as the links between the four natural interactions leads me to conclude that the universe is an artificial creation.

4.  The massification of an object is not only yielding a mass to that object but is also creating space-time around that object. The demassification is operating the opposite yielding, instead of mass, energy with the speed of light, and annihilating the material space-time around the given object which is then evolving as an "etheric object" (energetic one) in an "etheric universe". Even if the ether has to be reintroduced, the theory presented is in conformity with the theory of Einstein.

The massification followed by the demassification imparts to the process a time delay or time shift which gives the matter, linked to mass, an advantage on energy (mass + antimass), hence the predominance of matter over energy in space-time, the energy being linked to mass and antimass. This energy is in fact partly dark mass as we will see.

5.  The first stages of the massification/demassification process within the nucleon yield mass and dark mass issued both from a matrix of matter I called materon and which contains the dark energy. At a later stage of massification/demassification there are crossing over between mass of one subparticle and antimass of another one within the nucleon, yielding electro-magnetic energy which is a conjunction of mass and antimass (negative electro-magnetism) and of antimass and mass (positive electro-magnetism).

Further negative and positive electro-magnetism are also crossing over to create pure energy.

     Binding energy as well is about recreating mass which was anteriorely "covered" by antimass liberating energy and adding one or more nucleons to a nucleons structure.

The weak nuclear energy is illustrated by the transformation of the neutron into proton which is also explained in the thesis presented.

     All these three types of energy are based on various conjunctions of mass and antimass. Mass and antimass are anterior to the charged mass which is a conjunction between mass and mass + antimass (electro-magnetism) i.e. matter and antimatter, not to be confused with mass and antimass.

6.  In this way I could discover a subquantic structure of the nucleon and explain its mass as well as its dipolar magnetic moment (both for the neutron and the proton) and also the structure of the atom nuclei. Moreover I calculated their binding energy. I discovered that all these three energies are issued from the single process called massification/demassification putting in motion one single particle which appears as mass coming from the vacuum and is annihilated one quantized instant later as antimass. This process is operating according to a quantic shape (explained in the document) so as to create first the neutron, then the proton and all other atom nuclei.

7.  The processes I describe in the documents are purely physical ones based on two operations, massification and then demassification. No mathematical system is necessary to sustain intellectually these processes. With time delays (time shifts) it is possible to build a representation of all the particles known at present in nature as well as the three natural forces (electro-magnetic and the two nuclear forces).

8.  This process of massification/demassification is iterative and put in motion at every quantic instant. At each quantic instant each representation of that process is a static one. Altogether these representations create a succession of static "images" and imprint a movement to the whole mass-energy. The pace is that of every quantic process.

Moreover, the binding energy and the structure of the nuclei of the various atoms I determined are represented in my documents as a snapshot at a given instant, being understood that the nucleons are at each time in different positions and are exchanging role between neutron and proton.

9.  Concerning gravitation I found how two masses are linked thanks to the process of massification/demassification. Once demassified two masses are no longer subject to space-time and are attracted by a center of universe located outside space-time where matter, distance and speed are abolished. Once remassified the matter again gains mass. The two masses are pushed into the space-time as well as they are creating this space-time as consequence of their rematerialisation. So each mass is governed by a function m/d as far as this "circular" gravitation is operating and by the Newton law in a local linear space. Actually, the conjunction of the function m/d for at least two masses creates the known Newton law in a local universe governed by the "linear" gravitation. The law of Einstein governs the passage from the Newton gravitation to the circular one. This mass-gravity as well as the antimass-antigravity are linking every mass to the others in the universe. Each mass is massified and then demassified but not at the same time, unless all of them could be contained in a "thimble".

     However the tendency of grouping the masses has as consequence the massification by packs (stars with planets, galaxies, local universes, etc.) yielded by holes able to attract the masses by demassification but also to reject them by remassification. These masses as well as their grouping are the "stroboscopic" manifestation at "continued level" and in a local universe of the massification/demassification process at subquantic level.

10.  The massification/demassification process governs the whole material universe and allows to unify the four interactions known at our material level. It is therefore a unitary theory of the material universe.

However I observed that the massification/demassification process was induced and underpinned by an immaterial (etheric) process. I have only slightly touched that process, but if the present theory was confirmed by experience, the immaterial/atemporal process which underpins the phenomenon of materialisation/dematerialisation would itself be also truly real. This perspective offers a dimension to human knowledge other than the one we possess at present. It is the next stage of our understanding of reality.

                                                                                    Philippe HATT

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(3) see my book nuclei binding Energy